PPC – Google Adwords – Pay per Click Advertising

These are all names you’ve heard of before but what exactly do they mean and more importantly what benefit will it have for your business?

Google Adwords is the first three results (with the pink background) when you do a search on Google. It is also the adverts you see to the right of the page.

Is Google Adwords worth it?

Yes – we recommend PPC as the results are instant. Most SEO companies will tell you that you cannot do Organic SEO without PPC, but we here at Webiroo beg to differ. As you can run both separately or at the same time to increase your results for being found by potential customers. But we do recommend that your run PPC along side an Organic SEO package.

The reason we say this:

PPC is immediate, but in the event that your budget runs out or you’ve decided to stop your PPC campaign for a while – your business will not appear anywhere in the search results on Google.

So if you do have Organic SEO as a backup and you do decide to stop your PPC campaign for a while then you will have the Organic SEO results as a backup that will still appear in Google Search Results.

What will Google Adwords Cost?

Your Google Adwords budget depends a lot on what certain key phrases cost and can range between anything from R2 to R200 per phrase. If you are in the tourism industry you can expect to pay a lot more for key phrases as there are millions of other competitors bidding on the same key phrase.

Can Webiroo guarantee me that I will rank in the first position on Google Adwords?

No – any SEO company who promises this to their clients is unfortunately lying. However we do promise that we will try and get your ads to rank in the top 3 positions and that is really where you want to be found in the PPC search results.

Do People Really Click on the PPC ads?

Yes – you get 2 types of internet users.

  • The client who avoids Google Ads at all cost and scrolls straight to the Organic Results to find what they are looking for.
  • Then the client who looks for the first result that appears on the Google search page. And this is usually the Google Ads.

This of course proves again that PPC without Organic SEO website marketing is not such a good idea as you will be missing out on the millions who do not want to click on the paid ads from Google.

What if my competitors click on my ads resulting in me having to pay for each click?

This is a major concern for most business owners, but Google has made provision for this with specific algorithms preventing this from happening. So your competitors may click the ads but you will not be charged for it. (Read more here, straight from the Google Giant)

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